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Spring's Sponsorship Page

Spring is very popular and we are processing a number of outstanding  applications for her. We will no longer be accepting applications for Spring.


Spring ( now known as Penny) was recently returned to ASR , a victim in some ways of COVID-19.   Penny is an affectionate loving dog but with all the life style changes in most families with everyone home, sometimes it's hard for some dogs to adjust .

​Penny was adopted to a family with a child and was a playful companion & family member until recently when she became aloof and less receptive to attention. She showed her unhappiness with attempted cuddling with air snaps, but this is concerning with a young child in the home. 

​Consulting a  vet and trainer or behavioralist when a dog's behavior changes is  best but with a young child in the home, the adopters tearfully asked us to take her back in the rescue, since we do male a lifetime commitment to our dogs.

To rule out a medical issue, we have had a complete Vet check done including physical exam & full blood work. Penny passed the physical exam with flying colors, with the vet commenting on how sweet she is. All blood work was perfect.

Since she has been back with us she has been nothing but wonderful to everyone she has met. When vets compliment a dog on their excellent behavior , that's really special .......and this vet had never met Penny !

Penny will only be adopted to a home with teenagers or no children.

If you are not yet approved to adopt from All Shepherd Rescue, please fill out our online application at Our adoption fee is $300.00.

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