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All Shepherd Rescue finds adoptable, lovable, and in-need Shepherds for your family. All of ASR’s dogs are in foster homes or temporary boarding if no foster home is immediately available.  We are committed to helping them learn manners and what the good life means!  ASR believes in connecting the right dog to the right family. We will do our best to find your next best friend.

With your help, All Shepherd Rescue is committed to saving dogs and connecting them with their family. Your next best friend may be right here!

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All Shepherd Rescue Named

One of the The 10 Best German Shepherd Rescues in the United States
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April is Heartworm Awareness Month

One bite is all it takes!

Dogs can develop heartworm disease after a single bite from an infected mosquito.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with heartworm disease, itis a serious disease that, when left untreated, may cause severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and/or death in pets. It is caused by a parasitic worm and spreads through the bite of a mosquito. It is preventable when Owners give their dogs (and cats) monthly heartworm preventatives. 

ASR is completely committed to the dogs who join the ASR family. We test our dogs for heartworm disease and several tick-borne diseases. We currently have 2 dogs that need what we hope will be successful heartworm treatment:

STAR and XENO.  


The first step in heartworm treatment is to stabilize the dog if s/he is showing signs of disease and treat it with a 30-day dose of antibiotics. We are lucky in that the 2 dogs all appear to be in good shape and have completed their first course of antibiotics. The next steps include killing all adult and immature worms while keeping the side effects of treatment to a minimum. There are 2 approved treatment protocols for treating existing infections: a 2-dose protocol or a 3-dose protocol. In both cases, the medication is delivered by injection deep into the muscles of the dog’s back, alternating sides of the back between treatments.


STAR and her 5 Star Trek puppies joined ASR in December 2023. STAR is an incredibly sweet, friendly, gorgeous German Shepherd, happily greeting those who come to visit. STAR was an exceptional Mom, taking great care of all her pups. Now that the pups have been weaned and adopted, STAR is ready to get the medical care she needs to treat her heartworm disease and then be spayed. STAR has been patiently waiting for either a Foster home (she is currently boarded with several of ASR’s other foster dogs at Arrowwood Shepherds) or an Adoptive home before beginning this care. Can you help her? ASR will cover the medical costs associated with both her heartworm treatment and spay. 


Xeno also joined the ASR family in December. At this time, we did not know he was heartworm positive (the shelter’s HW test showed negative). Xeno was retested when he was neutered and tested positive for heartworm. {For information - Circulating heartworm antigen appears in the blood as early as five months post-infection in a small percentage of dogs, but most dogs are not antigen-positive until seven months post-infection. Yes, contrary to popular belief, a dog infected 6 months previously can be negative on an antigen test. This is why testing is so important.} Xeno is just the happiest dog. Romping with his canine pals is one of his favorite pastimes, second only to snuggling with humans. Xeno will be an exceptional addition to a forever home. He is ready to move to either a Foster or Adoptive home so he can get his needed heartworm treatment. Can you help him? ASR will cover the medical costs associated with his heartworm treatment.  

If you are interested in either fostering or adopting STAR or XENO, they would be so very happy. Either one would be a wonderful addition to a loving family willing to help them through the treatment process. All Shepherd Rescue will pay for the heartworm treatment. Please contact for more information. 


The following information is recommended by 

The American Heartworm Society 
American Heartworm Society

Heartworm Prevention For Dogs

Heartworm prevention for dogs is a significant concern for every pet owner. Prevention is an integral part of providing essential care, and heartworm disease prevention for dogs is something every owner can do. Consider this:

  • Dogs have been diagnosed with heartworm disease in every state in the US.
  • Mosquitoes spread heartworms, so any area of the country with mosquitoes—even just a few—can also have heartworm disease.
  • Dogs don’t just need prevention during warm-weather months. Heartworm preventives work by treating heartworms that already infected the pet within the past month or longer; meanwhile, preventives need to be given on time, every time, to be effective. That’s why the American Heartworm Society recommends year-round heartworm prevention for pets.
  • The American Heartworm Society estimates that more than a million dogs in the U.S. have heartworm disease—and heartworm disease can be fatal.
  • Cats and ferrets can also get heartworm disease.
  • Heartworm preventives are safe, relatively inexpensive, and easy to give. Still, if a dog becomes infected, heartworm treatment can be costly and complicated, requiring multiple veterinary visits and months of exercise restriction.
  • While there are drug-free strategies owners can implement to reduce a pet’s exposure to mosquitoes, there’s no such thing as a “natural” heartworm preventive.
  • Heartworm preventives come in different forms, including monthly chewable pills, topical “spot-on” medications, and injectable medication given every 6 months. Heartworm preventives are available only by prescription from veterinarians.  

Some preventives only prevent heartworms, some protect pets from heartworms and intestinal parasites, and some protect pets from many different parasites, including heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas, ticks, and mites. Because veterinarians know which parasites are common in the area in which they practice, owners should talk to their pet’s doctor about what product or products will be best for their pets.

Heartworm Prevention PIC
Flyer from the VetNetwork LLC.

2020 Fundraising Plea-2

If you can help us continue to save lives please donate here



Many instances of owner surrender are due to financial hardship. There are many organizations that can help with owner retention. Most pet owners aren’t aware that they have options!  ASR hopes this information borrowed from "The Pet Rescue Squad Inc." might be helpful to pet owners




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About Us

All Shepherd Rescue finds adoptable, lovable and in need Shepherds for your family.

ASR is made up of volunteers; devoted and passionate people just like you, who have jobs, families, and of course, love dogs.

We believe in connecting the right dog to the right family. We will do our best to find your perfect match.

All of ASR’s dogs are in foster homes learning manners and what the good life means!

If you are not looking to adopt right now, but still want to help, All Shepherd Rescue needs you to join our team. Volunteers are needed to help with Applications, Adoptions, Intake, Events, Fostering, Fundraising, Marketing, Social Media, and Web Technology.

With your help, All Shepherd Rescue is totally committed to saving dogs and connecting them with their family. Your next best friend may be right here!

Our Mission

All Shepherd Rescue's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home German Shepherd dogs and related mixes.

ASR educates the public on the importance of having their animals receive routine veterinary care, training, and being spayed/neutered.


All donations to All Shepherd Rescue are tax-deductible. All Shepherd Rescue is recognized by the IRS and the State of Maryland as a non-profit [501(c)(3)] charity.

Your generous donations help us to help them!

All Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 23231
Baltimore, MD 21203
Phone: (410) 775-6GSD (6473)
Fax: (888) 775-2798
All Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit organization. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
All Donations to All Shepherd Rescue are tax-deductible.


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Maryland Microbrew Festival at Union Mills Park -- Saturday September 28th, 2024

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