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All Shepherd Rescue!!! 
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Donation Information

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You never know who you're going to help. 

Minka's story shares how through you and your donations, a life was saved.

Sweet little Minka was found with a leash trailing behind her. She had a bad limp and after evaluation by a vet, was discovered to have a broken pelvis. It is suspected that she was hit by a car.  Unfortunately, no one came looking for this little girl and the shelter had no choice but to consider putting her down.

But the shelter staff in Virginia had fallen in love. A series of frantic emails was sent out to rescues all over the area, begging for someone to give Minka a chance. All Shepherd Rescue was lucky enough to be able to bring this little girl into a foster home. It was a hard decision. ASR is a small rescue, the resources are limited. But looking into Minka's sweet eyes made the choice inevitable.

Minka was on crate rest for several weeks to allow her pelvis to heal. She did not approve of this and would have rathered be playing! She made it her mission to convince her foster mom that she should be allowed out of her crate and on the bed.

Minka is now in her forever home.  Minka's Mom says she is the smartest, cutest, most lovable & most energetic dog in the world and already has her own pink and gray sweater.

Your donation will allow stories like this to be told for years to come. Thank you!

When you decide to be a part of the ASR support family, a number of things happen:

  • You look at dogs in a whole new way - their well being becomes more meaningful, more personal.
  • When you hear stories of shepherds in need placed with their forever family, you'll know you've played a key role in that blessing.
  • You realize how you help dogs like Minka - every single day.

Because of your help in funding ASR, dogs like Minka will have a wonderful life.Thank you for standing with us.


Candice Bagrosky

Would you like to help create more success stories like Minka's? Please consider donating to All Shepherd Rescue.

P.O. Box 23231 •  Baltimore, MD 21203  •  (410) 775-6473 •  adoptions [ at ]