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All Shepherd Rescue

2020 Holiday Card Contest

Please email letting us know how to apply your votes, thanks!

Want to make your Shepherd famous? Submit him/her to the Annual All Shepherd Rescue Holiday  Card Contest. The winning photos will be included on this year's Holiday Card!

What are the rules? 

  • Photos must feature at least one ASR dog
  • Photos may not include people
  • Photos must be at least 1650 x 1275 or 300 dpi

How do I submit a photo?

  • Entries will be accepted from October 1st through midnight on October 31st
  • Email photos to and include the following:
    • Your name
    • Name of the dog(s) in the photo
    • Short (1-3 line) caption about the photo  

How do I vote? 

  • Votes will be accepted between  October 1st through midnight on October 31st
    • $1 = 1 vote
    • $5 = 5 votes
    • $10 = 12 votes
    • $20 = 25 votes
    • $40 = 50 votes
    • $60 = 75 votes
    • $80 = 100 votes
    • $100 = 125 votes
    • $200 = 250 votes
  • Payments are accepted via PayPal:​


How Many Votes?

  • Or by mailing a check to: 

               All Shepherd Rescue
               P.O. Box 23231
               Baltimore, MD 21203

  • Please email with your PayPal receipt (or indicate that a check has been mailed) and state which photo(s) you would like your votes applied to.
  • Votes will be tallied and updated daily.
  • Vote as many times as you would like, but  remember that no dog may be featured in more than  one  winning photo.
  • The photos with the most votes will be featured on this year's ASR Holiday Card.



Contestant #01 - Emmy

Submitted By: Michelle & Brian Pennington

"Emmy waiting for Santa!"

60 votes

Contestant #02 - Bahama

Submitted By: Amy Barlow & Lynne Saunders

"Always on the alert for squirrels!"

51 votes

Contestant #03 - Cody & Bahama

Submitted By: Amy Barlow & Lynne Saunders

"Inseparable caretakers"

25 votes





Contestant #04 - Baloo (fka Trox)

Submitted By: Yeksenia Santos

"I love my sweater!"

185 votes

Contestant #05 - Paige

Submitted By: Gretchen Yingling

"Paige says, `If you sit by the fireplace, Santa comes faster`"

45 votes



Contestant #06 - Luna

Submitted By: Candice Bagrosky

"Luna, always happy and always smiling!"

45 votes

Contestant #07 - Boyd

Submitted By: Richard & Elizabeth Patton 

"Boyd is going to have a Merry Christmas in his new home! He refused to wear his Santa hat over his floppy ear."

50 votes

Contestant #08 - Ginger

Submitted By: Sasha Young

" I swear I've been a good girl Santa! "

150 votes



Contestant #09 - Milo #1 (fka Kris)

Submitted By: Sandy Sanders

"Shepherd's Full Clark"

30 votes

Contestant #10 - Milo #2 (fka Kris)

Submitted By: Sandy Sanders

"It Reigns Christmas in Maryland"

45 votes

Contestant #11 - Sam

Submitted By: Sue Johnston

"Sam says, 'Santa, I have been a very good boy this year. I didn't chew any of the shoes I stole, and I always gave them back. Eventually.'"

45 votes

Contestant #12 - Abby

Submitted By: Wes & Cathy George

"There is no such thing as having too many toys!"

155 votes


Contestant #13 - Kody & Karma

Submitted By: Kim & Jeff Box

"Kody our white GSD boy that we adopted from ASR in 2016 along with Karma.  It was love at first sight for Kody and Karma.  Happy Holidays!"

48 votes

Contestant #14 - Freya

Submitted By: Samantha Lossman

"Did I hear Santa?"

55 votes



Contestant #15 - Maikoh (fka Jefferson)

Submitted By: Tracie Williams

"This is Maikoh (formerly Jefferson) adopted from ASR August 2018.   He is a happy dog, very eager to please.  He is living his best life with his other fur siblings."

165 votes

Contestant #16 - Hank

Submitted By: Michael Milone

"Hank is on the lookout for Santa!"

303 votes




Contestant #17 - Max (fka Maximum Overdrive)

Submitted By: Lynda & Benny Asbury

"Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy - bring toys!"

125 votes

Contestant #18 - Beau (fka Tarzan)

Submitted By: Sam & Annette D'Urso

"I am living the dream since I've been adopted. Chillin in the sun."

237 votes




Contestant #19 - Ally

Submitted By: Lynn & Michael Horvath

"All I want for Christmas is for every rescue to be as lucky and happy as I am - and maybe a bag of treats too!"

1,099 votes

Contestant #20 - Ivy

Submitted By: Pat Sieber

"I knew Santa would find me at my new home! And he brought a new pillow for me to lay on ... and a tennis ball!"

102 votes


Contestant #21 - Penny (fka Plum)

Submitted By: Mickey Hughes

"Happy Holidays!!!"

426 votes



Contestant #22 - Sunshine (fka Maeve)

Submitted By: Allie McLamb


"She is happy to be spending the holidays with her fur-ever family and we are so lucky to have her!"

295 votes

Contestant #23 - Roxy

Submitted By: Geoffrey Bain

"I was adopted last year and live with Simba, a Shepherd/Mix rescue. I am spoiled, loving life and go on various adventures."

30 votes



P.O. Box 23231 •  Baltimore, MD 21203  •  (410) 775-6473 •  adoptions [ at ]