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Chase's Sponsorship Page

Chase is a lovely boy who bonds very quickly with his people. BUT ONLY his people. He can show fear aggression to new people /visitors  into the home.

He just doesn't get comfortable with people IN HIS HOME  other than his immediate handlers .......but he crates well with no problem while visitors are present . He is fantastic at the vets and with everyone he meets out walking !

We absolutely adore this lovely boy but he can only be adopted to a home with few visitors because he can show fear aggression to new people in the home. A home with no children is best since he has never lived with children.

Over time with consistent training this could improve, and once he learns " Place"  but at this time, the safest way to manage this is to place Chase in a crate or  separate room when strangers are present. 

His family loved him but did not socialize him well for new people in his home.

He has excellent obedience , is great with dogs and is a fantastic dog ( except for the stranger danger ).

Chase has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and seen by a top Orthopedic Surgeon ......he is not symptomatic and with some simple exercises ( hill walking )and supplements ( Dasequin) he should continue to  run and play with no limitations.



If you are not yet approved to adopt from All Shepherd Rescue, please fill out our online application at Our adoption fee is $350.00.

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