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Brody's Sponsorship Page

UPDATE : Brody just completed his 2nd and 3rd Heartworm treatment today and is resting at home now. This sweet boy completely won over the entire vet staff with his wonderful demeanor .

30 more days of restricted activity and he will heartworm free !  Good food and good meds and this handsome boy is now up to 96 lbs, about 4 lbs less than his ideal weight, but at least his ribs aren't showing .

If you are looking for a gentle giant please check out Brody .


BRODY is doing well in his foster home although becomes anxious when she is out of the room. He is so happy to be safe again he has a bit of separation anxiety, which we are working with to ease. 

​Sadly, after Brody's first vet visit we learned his heartworm infection is advanced and his heart is slight enlarged . He has started the initial part ( 30 days of Doxcycycline ) and will have his first injection in early December. His risk of a pulmonary embolism from a clot of dead heartworms is much higher due to the level of his infestation.

ASR does the conservative treatment of 3 injections to allow our HW+ dogs the best possible chance for a full recovery and we will be doing the same with Brody.

​For any adopters interested in him he will need slow walks and very restricted activity while going through heartworm treatment . Overall this will be about 90 days since he has already started the initial part of the treatment 


Poor Brody found himself at an overcrowded shelter, not a good place for a Heartworm Positive dog......but when shelter workers sent out a plea for this good ole boy, we could not say no.

​Once he has settled in we will start his heartworm treatment and help add some weight to his skin and bones frame.

​Tonight this nice boy sleeps well on a soft bed with a full belly, thanks to wonderful volunteers .

More to come.


If you are not yet approved to adopt from All Shepherd Rescue, please fill out our online application at Our adoption fee is $350.00.

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