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The Directors very reluctantly and with great sadness gave authorization to the vet to euthanize Daytona due to several incidences of escalating aggression.  Daytona had been taken to the vet after being pulled from a kill shelter. 

When Daytona was evaluated he showed no aggression but perhaps something just snapped in him.  We are so saddened by this, he was a beautiful boy with underlying issues that could be worse the next time.  While we wish we could save every dog, there are some we cannot help.  This is hard on all of us.  

This is a very sad day for ASR. Say a prayer for Daytona..........we tried to help you, boy, run free.

Destiny, Dillon Michael and Jet Baker

Tragically, the Baker Family lost Destiny, Dillon and Jet in a very short span of time. They were beloved by Cathy and Bill and will always be remembered.

Dillon's work as an Ambassador of Rescue dogs helped raise money for rescue for over 11 years! Dillon's  fundraising work saved many dogs !

Run free .........

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