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Borr's Sponsorship Page

2/16/2020 : Borr has been suffering from an undiagnosed digestive issue that we originally thought was due to parasites, not atypical in dogs from shelters . However, after a variety of tests we are still trying to determine the problem.  At this point, we are working on food allergies as a potential issue but Borr is still not responding to meds and change in foods. 

Since we do have several potential adopters interested in Borr, pending resolution of his medical issue , we are not accepting any new applications for him. 

2/1/2020 Update 

Borr is a lovely boy looking for an adopter experienced with slightly nervous GSD's. Borr is non reactive to other dogs and people a perfect house guest.....he is comfortable in his crate, with or without the door closed. 

Squirrels and small moving animals are game on......but with consistent obedience training he will learn to ignore those pesky moving creatures .

His ideal adopter will be one who can provide calm assertive leadership and teach Borr to rely on his humans for guidance.

Borr is a playful pup who can get easily excited and still does some puppy-like nipping so a home with older children or no children . 

Mental stimulation  as well as physical stimulation will be the key to unlocking Borr's potential.

If you think you can be the right one for Borr, please email



It's hard to believe a lovely dog like Borr was surrendered to a shelter but we are thrilled we were able to save him. His family was moving to Utah and couldn't take this gorgeous boy .......

Our volunteers met with him at the shelter, and even in a noisy shelter he was a delight, with wonderful leash manners .

We understood he was non reactive to a shelter cat and " play bowed" to the other dogs in their kennels as he walked past them.

We heard he used to run with his former owner and might need a little coaxing with stairs .....common with dogs who lived in ranchers  :-)

If you are not yet approved to adopt from All Shepherd Rescue, please fill out our online application at Our adoption fee is $300.00.

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